Curating Wine for Over

15 Years

A Private Sommelier,
The Personal Concierge,
For Wine & Food Enthusiasts.
Special occasions are often marked with memorable moments:
good friends, a newly discovered gourmet dish or perhaps a romantic toast accompanied by a fine, full-bodied wine. At The Wine Sage, we specialize in creating and recreating those special moments. We are your personal concierge for exquisite wines, fine dining and distinctively sophisticated experiences.

My affection for wine came from my passion for food. After working in the restaurant industry for over 12 years and experiencing the joy of pairing a wonderful meal with the right wine to complement the dining occasion I developed a passion to open up my own Boutique Wine Shop and share the joy of wine with others.

Owner of WineStyles, a unique Boutique Wine Shop which focused on choosing a wine by its flavor profile as opposed to the grape varietal or country from which its origin was from, I honed my wine palate.

I have a marketing and sales background from the University of Rhode Island and I quickly used my experience to develop unique Wine events for my clients.

After becoming a Sommelier 14 years ago I realized my true potential was providing a service to a niche market that wanted someone who could help them choose wines, create special events and educate them. I became The Wine Sage to my clients.

I decided to close the Wine Store and started The Wine Sage. As my slogan goes, “We go beyond the grape”, providing Private Wine Buying, Entertainment, Personal Sommelier Services, Wine Dinners, Cellar evaluations, Wine Storage and Wine Trips.


Drew Feinberg
The Wine Sage